Victoria BC Fishing

Depending on the time of year, and what is around, here is what we target:

Halibut and Salmon in Spring

We will usually fish for Winter Springs (Chinook or blackmouth as they are also called), and of course Halibut. Winter springs are generally targeted near the bottom, using lures designed to imitate small bait fish around at this point. Fishing can be quite good for these feisty fish, averaging 5-15 pounds. We can target these fish nearly any day..

Spring time will also give us a shot at Pacific Halibut. These monsters can grow over 400 pounds, but 15-60 pounds is more common.

Dates must be chosen carefully for these fish, as we can only target them on days with the slowest of current movements. In the spring time, they are not very active, and are just waking up from their winter slumber. We target these guys by putting out an anchor on a known halibut spot, and fishing with bait. Often hours pass, as the scent of the bait on our lines works its way along the bottom. Then, without warning, the rod tip will dip suddenly, announcing the arrival of a halibut. Please check with Kelly on what days give you the best shot at a Halibut.

Fish in Summer and Fall

For the summer season, we move our boat to Sooke Harbour Marina. From there, we are often less then 15 minutes from the fishing ground. This time of year, we switch our focus entirely to salmon fishing. From Trophy sized Chinooks, pinks for the kids, or late fall Coho, Sooke offers some fantastic fishing just 30 minutes from Victoria.  Sooke is unique in that we usually do not have fog, ocean swell, are are often fishing within minutes of leaving the dock.  That's more time spent fishing and less time spent travelling!

After mid September, we switch our focus to Coho Salmon, as well as Winter Springs (Chinook), depending on what's around. Halibut can be caught on the right currents and tides, best bet is to ask for details before booking. If the fish are there, Kelly will put you on them!.